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Green Building Services

Green Building Certification / Facilitation

Building certification is tool to appreciate the green initiatives in design. Factors like site, water, energy, material and Indoor environmental quality collectively improve the building performance. It helps us to take the informed decision.

Energy Modelling

Energy modelling software tools are available for quantitative analysis of architectural design. Energy modelling is a dynamic calculation method which allows the user to estimate the impact of design and orientation of the built space, choice of building materials, occupancy, internal equipments etc on the annual energy consumption of the building.

Fundamental Enhanced Commissioning Services

Commissioning is a quality assurance process for services. It verifies systems are designed, installed, calibrated and perform as intended. It involves two phases fundamental commissioning & enhanced Commissioning.

Design Analysis

The ultimate goal of any building project is to maximize the energy efficiency throughout the life of the building while maintaining high occupancy comfort. In order to confirm the above intent, design analysis should be carried out at early stages of project design right from the drawing board until finalization of the project specifications.

Sustainable Building Design

With increasing urbanisation sustainable building design has become a need for time. Sustainability is an attitude towards environment. It reduces the negative impacts on the environment.

Life Cycle Assessment

Life cycle assessment is based on the concept of Life Cycle thinking which integrates consumption and production strategies over a whole life cycle, so preventing a piece-meal approach to systems analysis. Life cycle approaches avoid problem-shifting from one life cycle stage to another, from one geographic area to another, and from one environmental medium to another.

Carbon Footprint Mapping

Carbon analysis and management strategies are a key component of sustainability initiatives, particularly as the manufacturing sector comes under more rigorous scrutiny. Regardless of your industry an analysis of your carbon emissions in aggregate can be eye-opening experiences that will help your organization uncover areas of efficiency and cost-savings from energy use to air travel and commuting.

Environmental Planning

Environmental planning is a strategic process of decision making with due diligence of environmental, human, social impacts. It is a complex study because it not only has to consider the complexities of the natural environment but also the needs and desires of humans. Therefore, environmental planners need to understand the human decision-making process to best manage the relationship between humans and the environment.

ECBC Compliance

Training Programs

The construction industry is evolving at a rapid pace. There are new additions in the field almost overnight. In the ever changing and evolving field, updating the professional knowledge base is of prime importance. The need of the time is to develop an interdisciplinary team of professionals who can contribute as a singular work force towards the larger project good and sustainable goals of the industry in general.