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Gap Analysis & Feasibility

Energy Audit

It is the first natural step in the direction of energy conservation. ECPL, company involved in delivering Total Energy Solutions, has been carrying out energy audits since 1996.

Water Audit

Water is not costly but is a natural resource in scarcity. The objective behind carrying out water audit is to find out water consumption pattern and ensure judicial use of water resources in industries and building sectors.

Power Quality Audit

There is a substantial use of electronic equipments like VFDs that work on the principle of converting AC to DC (or vice versa). Though it has helped to control operations significantly, it has also resulted into deterioration in quality of power that is used by the industries and buildings.

Safety Studies

Safety has been known to human beings from ages. In industries, safety is of paramount concern. It is incorporated right from conception stage. Electrical safety relates to safe operation of various electrical systems like transformers, PCC, MCC, motors etc.

Feasibility Study

This study is next step after energy audit wherein various energy conservation measures after discussions with client are shortlisted.