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Unit Operations

Process is made up of different unit operations. ECPL has developed expertise in designing various unit operations like heat transfer, distillation, evaporation etc. Unit operations involve process understanding, pinch analysis, design understanding and engineering capabilities.

  1. Unit Operations in chemical industry - Debottlenecking
  2. The 4M’s, Men, Material, Money, Method can be retrofitted to bring down the production cost and hence the energy consumption. But since the first three are constrained and hence cannot be harnessed very efficiently. Thus Method should be adopted or modified in a well defined manner in this cut throat competition, to cut the production cost and hence the energy consumption which is the need for the hour.

    ECPL has expertise in debottlenecking of Unit Operations in chemical industry.

  3. Process troubleshooting and productivity improvement
  4. Process industry requires large amounts of energy to convert raw materials into finished products, therefore cost of production depends on fluctuations in energy prices. The level of competitivity of firms depends more and more on their ability to control production costs. Process troubleshooting and productivity improvement is most needed way to reduce manufacturing cost.

    General approach of troubleshooting is to hit the system where problem is being observed however this may not be right approach because generally process equipment is a standard system, shift in its designed condition may occurs when input to system has been altered knowingly or unknowingly. Hence for troubleshooting, it is important to have an approach devoid of prejudices.

Benefits to Clients:

  1. Productivity improvement
  2. Capacity enhancement
  3. Energy Savings