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Solar PV

With high irradiation level, shortage of power supply, ever increasing cost of electricity, increase in cross subsidy tariff and tax incentives such as accelerated depreciation benefits; roof top solar has now become a most viable option even without capital subsidies provided by government for commercial facilities in state like Maharashtra.

The Grid Tie system with battery less design feeds power to load in parallel with grid. Such systems are designed to operate for 20 years. With increase in financial viability this system are now also available on lease basis with fixed per month charges and BOOT model with tariff lower than utility charges.

At Energetic Consulting We offer our client following benefits:

  • Feasibility study: Identification of area for solar PV installation, Basic system selection, Power generation prediction, revenue projection and financial model.
  • Detailed Design Engineering: Preparation of specification, Solar system layout and design drawings, BOQ, Vendor technical bid evaluation.
  • Execution Assistance: Site supervision and monitoring, inspection of equipment and monitoring, certification of contractors bill, Commissioning trails, preparation of Operation and maintenance document, owners training.