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Industrial Energy Audit

The industrial energy audit mainly focuses on end use efficiency analysis of various utilities and correlation between demand and supply. While evaluating, it takes into account routine maintenance practices, life of equipment, operating hours etc. In the building, mainly energy is used for HVAC and lighting purpose. The main focus therefore is always on the generation and distribution of HVAC and lighting system. The other important area of focus is control system installation and its usage with logic in operating the system.

ECPL is carrying out energy audit for more than 20 years. Energy audit involves interaction with clients, understanding their need and requirement. Each plant is having different requirements and each segment has their own sets of problems e.g. higher capacity chiller operating at full load but plant is not able to receive proper cooling, boiler generating steam as per requirement but plant is facing steam shortage, air compressor is of higher capacity but plant equipments are not receiving adequate quantity and pressure of compressed air, pump is not able to deliver required flow or head as per design conditions etc..

ECPL conducts process energy audit studies to identify bottlenecks in the productivity. Chemical processes are bottlenecked due to inadequate availability of Temperature, Pressure or Flow at the user end. During energy audit our experienced team identifies production gaps by comparing them with theoretical benchmarks by accurate measurements of utility parameters with the help of sophisticated portable measuring instruments.

Process Energy Audit study covers detailed study of:

  • Process equipments like reactors, heat exchangers, furnaces, driers and includes material and energy balance across the process equipment
  • Thermal energy equipments like boilers, Thermic Fluid heaters, Hot air generator
  • Electrical equipments like chillers, cooling towers, pumps, AHUs
  • Preparation of generation pattern and consumption pattern and establishing correlation with production
  • Evaluation of energy conservation measures which helps client to harvest no / low investment measures (ECPL deploys their team to help client achieve such savings without any additional financial burden)


ECPL employs highly experienced and motivated professionals having diversified background such as chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering etc. Our team Comprises of 6 Certified Energy Auditors by BEE. We possess a collective experience of more than 135 man-years!

The team carries state of the art latest instruments which capture various parameters like power, pressure, flow, temperature, velocity etc. without disturbing the production, enabling the team to carry out equipment performance evaluation at operating conditions.


We have experience in carrying out energy audit of

  • Process industries like chemical and allied industries
  • Power industries
  • FMCG industries
  • Forging and foundry industries
  • Bulk drug industries
  • Pharmaceutical industries