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Commercial Building

With over 15 years of experience and more than 100 commercial facilities audited, we provide consulting solutions for better energy efficiency in buildings and energy savings to the tune of 12-15% can be achieved. We also help our client’s to convert existing buildings into a “green building” under Existing Building (O&M) category offered by both USGBC and IGBC.

We have provided audit services from Hotels, Hospitals, Malls, IT Parks, Commercial Towers, High Rise buildings to Residential buildings. Few of our clients are Bombay House, Godrej Bhavan, Tata Capital-Mumbai, Pantaloons-Nagpur and Orissa, SIDBI-BKC, P.D. Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Centre-Mumbai, Taj Residency-Nasik, Taj SATS-Mumbai and many more.

At ECPL, we strive to offer a different approach towards delivering energy efficiency through our solution specific energy audit which includes Gap analysis, Design solutions, and exact actions to be taken for system improvement, implementation assistance and measurement and verification services.

Our clients enjoy the following additional benefits, which we have delivered at their buildings:

With our understanding of building equipment operating parameters and control logic we help to redefine programming logic, upgrade existing BMS infrastructure to control the facility to minimize the energy cost.

Our implementation assistance includes detailing of energy conservation measures, i.e. preparing detailed drawings, specification, BOQ and scope of work for Contractor. Often the implementation services are followed with measurement and verification which helps to quantify the savings delivered by energy conservation measures implemented.

Hotel and hospitals usually has dedicated Treated fresh air unit which are designed to maintain Indoor air quality and boilers to meet hot water requirement for sterilisation and bathing.

Our solutions such as TFA unit designed with “latent free design” concept which improves the air quality, Heat Pump solution which aims to reduce load on boiler for hot water generation and Desuperheater which generates hot water from chiller or other DX system reduces the energy consumption.

Malls and retail outlets primarily rely on lighting for improving their sales, with our lighting design solution, we help our clients’ to enhance lighting scene to improve visibility with energy efficiency suitable for specific application.

Energy Audit in Data Center

In Data Center our business focus is on Ensuring Reliability and Efficiency in Data Centres with a vast experience in carrying out Audits for more than 1 lac sqft of Data Center areas in India and Abroad.

We have provided services to major Data Center service providers in India and abroad such as Tata Communications Ltd. for their Mumbai (BKC and Andheri), and Pune (Dighi) sites, CISCO Ltd. Hinjawadi, National Stock Exchange of India Ltd., Aircel Ltd., Airtel Ltd -Andheri and for MTN Inc. at Ivory Coast.

Our clients enjoy following benefits, which we have delivered in Data Centers:

Reliability and Redundancy: We identify the potential single point of failures modes from substation upto Data Center power strip for power supply and also for air conditioning system and recommends measures to be taken to mitigate risk, maintain and upgrade the tier level.

We also physically verify the earthing system installation on site and compare this scheme with IEEE1100 to identify the issues related to improper earthing,

Our solutions in Data center air conditioning reliability includes designing Thermal Storage system for emergency cooling requirement, evaluating UPS and electrical system adequacy, earth bonding, thermal imaging and harmonic analysis.

Cooling Effectiveness: Investigating inadequate cooling or over cooling in Data Center with physical measurement of CFM, floor plenum pressure and temperature in Hot and Cold Aisle and identify methods to maximize the cooling effectiveness.

Our Solutions in ensuring cooling effectiveness includes CFD analysis, suggestion to improve cable management for proper air distribution, modifying operation and control logic of CRAC units and optimizing the perforation of floor tile and rack doors.

Energy Efficiency: Evaluate Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and recommend to optimize the operation and efficiency of support infrastructure such as CRAC units, UPS and Lighting in Data Center.

Our Solutions in ensuring efficiency includes automation and integration of CRAC units, feasibility of installing EC motor for CRAC unit fan, checking the calibration of sensor and recommendation on changing the location of sensors, UPS loading optimization, LED retrofit and feasibility of introducing 100% fresh air for free cooling of Data centre.

CFD Analysis: Predicting impact of addition of new high density server load to maximize scalability and flexibility and optimizing air management and cooling effectiveness through hot and cold aisle containment and impact of changing data server layout and CRAC unit operation.