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HVAC Refrigeration Systems

HVAC is an essential service required in industries particularly pharmaceutical and building. The HVAC requirement in industries and buildings are totally different. The former requires for controlling reaction temperature, maintaining specific operating conditions in the area whereas later requires comfort air conditioning. In all cases, various standards govern the quality of HVAC to be provided.

Industries require refrigeration system for process purpose wherein temperature control at user end and time is very important. The system temperature varies over large span of +7 0C to -75 0C. The system comprises of generation, transmission and distribution with centralized or decentralized chillers. The study typically involves generation mapping and various possibilities of improving the generation efficiency like loading on individual compressor, improving specific energy consumption, integration of chillers, hot well – cold well system or single pump system etc. Industries particularly where chemicals are used, also require ventilation system as part of statutory requirement and also to maintain air changes to maintain process area temperature and VOC limit.

The pharmaceutical industries require HVAC system for maintaining “condition area” as per various classes or GMP requirements. The system requirement is also decided upon minimum air changes per hour as per GMP requirements and fresh air quantity as per type of operation. Humidity control is also very essential. The major load in the HVAC system is of fresh air and humidity control.

Building segment requires HVAC for comfort air conditioning. The typical temperature requirement is of +7 0C chilled water. The conditioned area requires maintaining room temperature at 24 ± 20C with humidity control at 55%. The major load is of fresh air and latent heat of people.